Digital Media Management

Super Hotelier's Digital Marketing team will manage all the Social media handles of the hotelier to generate leads and queries for the hotels directly to our CRM, eventually leading to more sales.

They are very professional at their work. Managed all my social media handles effortlessly.

Radhika Pilgaonkar Director, The Ocean Villa

Digital Media Management

Have all your Social Media handles set up and managed by our experienced team to receive maximum traction. Initiate the use of these handles to generate leads and queries for your hotels directly to our CRM, eventually leading to more sales. We make sure your property is active and visible in the social sphere. It also provides hotelier's chance to build upon customer relations, strengthen Hotel's online Reputation and also create SEO content.

Digital awareness is the new way to flourish your business,if you get it right the platform is yours!

Trigger viral conversations about your brand with help of popular social media influencers

Create infographics, video ads, animations to share your messages like never before

Develop an effective strategy for your brand & create content which is appreciated online

Build real time traction for your content by helping it react out to the right audience at the right time

Digital Marketing and Dynamic Ads

Drive more online traffic using our award-winning innovations. We are the first hotel digital marketing agency with a dynamic connection to Super Hotelier CRS, enabling you to incorporate real-time room rates in your ads to drive more cost-effective conversions.

Metasearch Super

Drive more direct revenue on Google Hotel Ads at lower cost Our experts at Super Hotelier will help you set up, strategize, and manage your property's Google Hotel Ads at lower rate than other metasearch distribution channels.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

Combine real-time CRS data with Facebook's powerful ad targeting Take advantage of Facebook's intelligent segmentation, advanced targeting, and multidevice distribution to target guests with a high likelihood to book. Our direct connects to Super CRS also allow hotels to bring in real-time data such as rates and stay dates to further personalize your ads and drive better conversions.


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