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For long you have used systems to distribute inventories, to manage your property, to manage the payments, and rates across the network. Is there any system which not just does all this but also enhances the sales, average room rates, and occupancy ? is the answer. an average increase in sales & revenue experienced by existing users is Whooping 36%

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Performance Data
Avg. Room Rate
37% higher
27% higher
Direct Website Sales
23% higher
Total OTA Commision
8.5% Lower

Hotel Sales System

Cloud based | Suits 2 & 3 star Hotels

Includes Channel Manager and Powerful B2C & B2B platform for HIGHER & HIGHER DIRECT BOOKINGS.

More about Super Sales 5.0

WiTness the changE

Super Sales 5.0
Avg. Increase in sales
34% higher
Avg. Decrease in expense
7% lower

Hotel Sales System with PMS

Cloud based | Suits 3 & 4 star Hotels

Includes Channel Manager, tools for MORE DIRECT BOOKINGS, POS, PMS, and a lot more.

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WiTness the changE

Super sPMS 5.0
Avg. Increase in sales
37% higher
Avg. Decrease in expense
13% lower

Complete Hotel Management System

Cloud / Offline Version | Suits 4 & 5 star Hotels

A complete Hotel Operating System with Sales, Inventory & Purchase, Accounting Suit, Human Resource, POS & a lot more

More about Super Hotelier 5.0

WiTness the changE

Super Hotelier 5.0
Avg. Increase in sales
32% higher
Avg. Decrease in expense
17% lower


List of Services Needed By a Hotelier

For the following services, a Hotelier would either need to have dedicated employees, tie up with different service providers or invest on In-house technology setup. [more…]

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Why Super Hoteliers Property Management System is the best PMS in the market right now?

A hotel property management system (PMS) plays a vital role in allowing hoteliers to more efficiently and effectively manage. [more…]

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Life cycle of Hotel Technology

At a recent hoteliers event, we conducted a survey on what technologies hoteliers want to be most notably selected as replacements, PMS, and related technologies [more…]

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