Intelligent Revenue & Payment Manager Module

Let Super Hotelier's system help you formulate revenue management strategies. It will save time, reduce commissions & increase the sales.

Provides vast reporting and excellent customization features. Very happy with the product.

Kirti Pednekar Director, Royal Blue Resort

Intelligent Revenue & Payment Manager

Let Super Hotelier's system help you formulate revenue management strategies and implement them, in order to optimize hotel revenue and payments procedures with the help of our easy to use Revenue and payment manager. It is a very important aspect related to the development of pricing strategies. They use the data set provided by the Sales team, the Front office team, and other staff to come up with the rightful Revenue Projections with the use of Artificial intelligence. They also help you make payments related decisions, based on past transactional data from within the organization.
Read below the features of our Revenue & Payment Module or go straight to our New Age Hotel Software products Super Sales, Super sPMS & Super Hotelier , which has Revenue & Payment Manager Module inbuilt in it.

Track all your payments,calculations of gst etc. via one single platform. Yes this module is all you need.


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