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How do I get started with Super Hoteliers

You can Call or Email us or even drop a Call back request; and one of our representatives will set you up and have you ready to Go. We offer a 2 week Trial period also so that you can use the system before you Sign Up.

Does Super Hotelier ensure anytime, anywhere access

Yes!! We gladly do. Top of the Line Data Centres along with the right mix of Cloud Computing, to be followed up with Daily backups and High-level security standards ensure anytime, anywhere access.

What training and support do you provide

Our support team will be readily available to assist you in the time of need. Other than that Pre-Recorded Demos are available for learning the system along with ample knowledge base available on the website in the Help & FAQ sections.

Can I track repeat guests and easily add them into
a new reservation

Super Hotelier's display names of possible repeat guests as and when you start typing the guest's name. This is because we store guest information in an organized manner for future ease of use. Hence also making it easy for repeat guests to get through the formalities, and with our AI & ML enabled operations system, we can also understand guest behaviors which will come in really handy for upselling Food and Beverages along with different services usually enjoyed by the guest in the past.

Does Super Hotelier have a Channel Manager

Super Hotelier's provides the user with a Smart Channel Manager that comes with a seamless interface to manage, update and synchronize Rate & Inventory across all channels like OTAs and Metasearch engines. It is integrable with most Property Management Systems in the market and comes with built-in Analytics and Insights functionality. The intuitive Dashboard was designed keeping in mind the ease of use and Hotelier empowerment. The single point rate management system along with a possible add on AI & ML backed Pricing Tool makes for this to be a perfect solution.

Does Super Hotelier take backups in case of a
system failure

Super Hotelier is based in India, using Data Centres locally and also using Cloud Computing, hence your data is always safe. Also, multiple daily backups are done and data is stored in secure locations.

I manage multiple properties. Can I have one Super Hotelier
login to view all my data

Yes, Multiple properties can be used through a single login. Our special Group Of Hotels package even provides for Integrated Reports and Intelligent Resource Planning Module across a chain of Hotels.

Can I automate tasks with Super Hotelier

No task will ever be missed due to Automated Alerts or Reminders. Various departments like Front Office, Maintenance, Housekeeping etc can be automated with the Super Hotelier's system.

Do I have to pay extra for live support

No. Your subscription plan has you covered there. Visit the Pricing plans section for more details..

What type of technology platform or hardware installations
do I need

Any Laptop or Desktop works

Do you provide a trial account for the channel manager

Yes, we offer a 2 week Trial period also, so that you can use the system before you Sign Up.

Am I able to offer a loyalty program to my guests

Super Hotelier's AI & ML powered system offers a special Loyalty program. Using designated member credentials, you are able to track the guest's movement throughout your property and based on that are able to reward him. This special feature has proved to improve Guest Loyalty drastically.

What types of payment do you accept

We accept payment by all popular cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Your invoice can be cleared right through your System or by visiting our website.

What if Super Hotelier doesn't have a feature I need

Please feel free to inform any of our representatives of the same, so that we can try and implement it in our solutions.

How is Super Hotelier better than other products in
the market

We are the first-ever ALL-IN-ONE Hotel Tech Solution which empowers the hotelier to make better decisions, to gain from the unification of technologies-or perhaps just let the Machine Learning enabled system decide the rates based on deep learning and let Sarthi manage the operations. It saves the Hotelier the headache of logging into many systems. Our Machine Learning ensures that HOTELIERS are maximizing their revenue with very intuitive time to time ACTIONABLE PRICING & OPERATIONS FEEDS.

So, Top of the line AI & ML capabilities along with a never seen before, All In One system stands us out from the lot.

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