Customer Relationship Management Module for Hotels

Super Hoteliers CRM Module Pushes your leads faster down the sales funnel and builds meaningful prospect relationships. Advanced features like Optimize sales process, Upsell & Cross sell, Lead Capture Automation, Workflow Builder, ensures POWER CONVERSION of LOOKERS into BOOKERS.

I really like this system as it is very easy to use and eases all my operations.

Pradeep Naik Director, Manthan Yogi Village

Customer Relationship Management

With a massive amount of guest turnover in the Hospitality industry, organizations require technological assistance to seamlessly manage all their relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. This is perfectly dealt with by the use of a software called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Super hotelier's CRM solution is perfectly tweaked to the Hotel Industry requirements. The Artificial intelligence Capabilities make for the CRM to be a perfect up selling agent specially for regular or repeat customers. It is also the perfect location to securely store your guest data.
Read below the features of our CRM Module or go straight to our New Age Hotel Software products Super Sales, Super sPMS & Super Hotelier , which has CRM Module inbuilt in it.

Finding it difficult to manage the guest relations and the data? Well sit back and relax , as we have a magical tool to manage it all !!

Hospitality CRM and Marketing Automation Solution

Capture hotel inquiries, run marketing campaigns and manage leads in Super Hotelier CRM Solution.

PPC, social media, website etc.

Capture booking inquiries from your website, Adwords, YouTube ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, directly using landing pages and plug-and-play social integrations.

Set tasks for staff

Set tasks for your staff to reduce response time. For example: when a prospective buyer spends more than 10 minutes browsing through the resort options.

Automate staff notifications

Notify your agents to take an action when an important activity occurs, like if they request a call back, or book a stay.


List of Services Needed By a Hotelier

For the following services, a Hotelier would either need to have dedicated employees, tie up with different service providers or invest on In-house technology setup. [more…]

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What is a good Hotel CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is the powerful ally for all hotels. It is the fuel for successful hotel marketing that helps hotels achieve profitable operations through more. [more…]

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