Super Sales 5.0, Hotel Sales System

Cloud based | Suits 2 & 3 star Hotels

Avg. Increase in sales
34% higher
Avg. Decrease in expense
7% lower

More Sales, Happier Guests & Lower Expences


List of Services Needed By a Hotelier

For the following services, a Hotelier would either need to have dedicated employees, tie up with different service providers or invest on In-house technology setup. [more…]

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Why Super Hoteliers Property Management System is the best PMS in the market right now?

A hotel property management system (PMS) plays a vital role in allowing hoteliers to more efficiently and effectively manage. [more…]

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Life cycle of Hotel Technology

At a recent hoteliers event, we conducted a survey on what technologies hoteliers want to be most notably selected as replacements, PMS, and related technologies [more…]

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