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Point Of Sale (PoS)

Super Hotelier's Point of Sale (POS) software will help the hotelier reduce paperwork and track outlet sales, through one easy to use cloud software. It can be used stand alone as well in any restaurant or other outlets.

My guests are loving this feature. A much needed tool for the hotel industry.

Sunil Salgaokar Director, The Dubash Villa

Point Of Sale (PoS)

Let our Point Of Sale (POS) platform help you reduce paperwork and track outlet (restaurant, gift shop, spa, etc) sales, through one easy to use cloud software, making more time for you to manage your business rather than staying bogged down in details. Super Hotelier's POS system is designed beautifully and with a responsive system to manage all your outlet sales, manage inventory and also customer profiles; all at one single platform.
Read below the features of our Point of Sale (POS) or go straight to our New Age Hotel Software products Super sPMS & Super Hotelier , which has Point of Sale (POS) module inbuilt in it.

We provide a stand alone PoS solutions as well.

Difficult to manage all your outlets? Now get everything integrated on a single tool with us


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An Ultimate Guide on a good Point of Sale POS System for hotels

Point of Sale (POS) system is the place where your customer makes payment for your company's goods or services. [more…]

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